An analysis of integration of science and society

Sustainable development The social science disciplines are branches of knowledge taught and researched at the college or university level.

An analysis of integration of science and society

Integrating the science and the society The young generations often encounter a dilemma at a certain point: Should they choose the stream of science such as health science or engineering or should they opt branches which involve the community?

Whatever the answers to the questions, it portrays current scenario of segregating science and society. However, the challenging problem is why there is a separation of two elements which are interdependent to each other.

An analysis of integration of science and society

Science as a subject drifted its course from real people and focused more on tools and technique. However, roots of science, significantly connected to the people and society. The acceleration of science is significant in various field such as exploring the universe and developing technologies.

Although science becomes an integral part of our daily routine, however, it needs to explore better ways to align with society.

An analysis of integration of science and society

Science,nowadays is all about technology. However, the initial purpose of science was: Additionally, a significant purpose of developing a scientific environment was to encourage people to ask questions about known and unknown.

On the one hand, usually, researchers and scientists work in an isolated environment, and ordinary people have little knowledge of how and why things work in a particular manner.


On the contrary, everyday challenges are often not familiar for the scientific community. Moreover, there is an absolute absence of collaboration between communities and the scientists. The reason for the barrier in the amalgamation of society and science can explain the rising cost of equipment and tools of science.

However, unawareness and motivation to blend culture and science are critical factors for the separation of two significant zones of human existence. Overall, science should not confine to a box of elites room. Instead, science should encourage to collaborate and meet the real people, so that it can flow in the society and flourish from the experience of community.Integrating science and society in European Framework Programmes: Trends in project-level solicitations The proposition of integrating science and society at the level of the within Framework Programmes as a bellwether for other forms of the integration of science and society.

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